This is what you get…

Hailing from West Virginia, Flip-on-it leaves little space for the boring. That’s why they’ve mashed it together. From tasteful licks to funky grooves and the sound of good ole rock and roll, we can guarantee you leaving in a better mood. Friendly to all ages, the group has been growing for the past 5 years across the Charleston-Huntington Metropolitan area. Starting as a duo group in 2014, Flip-on-it originally combined the vocal powerhouse and wild energy of front-man Joe Troubetaris with the groove and intricate stylings of drummer, Britt Arcadipane. In 2017, the long search for a lead guitar player had ended with local guitar scholar and extraordinaire Jason Dandelet. In 2019, the group increased it’s foundation with the addition of master of the low end who fills in the pocket grooves in bass player Rusty Parks. Collectively, Flip-on-it has been driving the local music scene with excitement and pure fun.

Here’s what other local groups have said:

“Party style rock and roll with a funky groove that has a catch to it” – Hurl Brickbat

“These guys are like a Head Bobbing Pickle Tickle” – Earth Tone Audio

“You’re the best example of 92′ to 96′ rock and roll greatness” – Big River Records

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